CSA II®: The New Confederate States Of America

Annual Dandridge, TN First Responders Festival

CSA II®: The New Confederate States of America & CSA II®'s Rebel Corner Fully Support Our Local First Responders. We have an ongoing initiative to ​show our support for those on the front lines daily by Hosting The Annual Dandridge First Responder Festival in Downtown Dandridge Tennessee, The Second Oldest Town In Tennessee.
​This initiative helps out our community and our first responders with their particular needs depending on their particular entity. 
Thanks to all who have supported our efforts to support our first responders here in Tennessee!!!

2021 Event Date And Time: TBA

Event Sponsors

Coming Soon

If you are interested in getting involved in this great festival, donating your time or talents, or even a vendor request, please email us at the link below:


Please state in the email what you want to bring to the table to make this event even more spectacular then the prior year.

Your participation and volunteerism matters to our great community!!